New to Yoga?

   No Problem!  Yoga really is for everyone. What that means is, since we all have different bodies, you simply adapt the Yoga practice to who you are. Craft your practice to your age, your body type, your energy level, your previous injuries or present condition – Yoga allows that. It actually works best that way.

    Or just go with the flow. Remember, there’s no goal, no final result, nothing you have to do. Just follow the class and breathe deeply as you are guided by the instructor. Your body will know what to do naturally.

   And your Yoga practice will change as you change.  It’s the perfect vehicle to actually feel and control your growth in whatever sphere – physical, emotional or spiritual. Often all 3 at the same time. Only Yoga inspires the mind and spirit as you work on your body.

  So just show up. Loose clothing, no expectations. Just show up.

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