*** Take a Wiser class at Kushala on Zoom *** Yup, you can now take a 1-hour class live from Kushala every Thursday at 11 am and, starting on Dec 4, every Friday at 12:30 *** Check out their website to sign up ** That’s 3 Zoom classes available every week *** You can also use a Wiser punch card for these classes ***

 **  Wiser Yoga has returned to Rasa Flow in PoCo on Saturday mornings from 10:30 – 11:45  **  live on Zoom only until further notice  **  The next Saturday Zoom Wiser Class is on Saturday Dec 5  ** Join us by simply emailing me your e address and I will send you the meeting ID for each class **

** Wiser Yoga has returned to Kushala Thursdays at 11 am (on Zoom only until further notice) ** Also a Friday class at 12:30 starts on Dec 4 ** If you use my punchcard let me know in advance and I’ll put you on the Kushala list or you can simply show up and take a chance that there will be space ** Max 17 per class; it’s a huge studio with lots of social distancing in place. So far there’s been room for a few more  ** Chris and Karen have done a great job in keeping their studio safe and inviting **




Strange days, no?  A global pandemic, entire countries shut down, lining up to go into my IGA, no more handshakes or hugs…..

I mean, it just feels so surreal. My inner thoughts haven’t changed, but my outer world has been turned upside down.

And this is where Yoga helps.

For me, Yoga is all about balance – the balance of breath, the balance of movement, the balance of emotions. And ultimately, the balance of the inside world with the outside world; still surreal but now ok.


I teach 2 styles of Yoga: Wiser Yoga for the (approximately) 45 to 75 year-olds and Seniors Yoga Singalong.

 ***  Wiser Yoga is a traditional Hatha Flow class but created for those of us with perhaps a more limited flexibility and a few other physical issues (no backbends or arm balances here!)

 ***  Seniors Yoga Singalong is a class for those living in retirement homes.

(Special Note: Check out the online issue of the Tri City News for an article about my Seniors Yoga Singalong classes. It’s at tricitynews.com, a May 10 article with the headline ‘Yoga Minstrel’)


Why Yoga?

What can be said about Yoga that hasn’t already been said?

Especially about a way of life almost 5000 years old and practised today by tens of millions?

Probably not a lot.

So allow me to get personal.  Just for a minute.

 I Practice / Teach Yoga Because…..

* It helps my sore back  (I’ve got a little osteo arthritis between L5 and S1)

* It gives me a full hour to clear my thoughts, turn my gaze inwards, focus my breath and explore the limits of my body (with a roomful of friends!)

* It keeps my weight stable and my muscles toned

*  It energizes me and increases my awareness of the present moment

*  Finally, Yoga gives me Hope.  Hope that I’ll age with strength, flexibility and grace in this magic machine I’m currently inhabiting

Is Yoga really a magic balm for the ageing body? I don’t know for sure, but looking for the answers never felt so good.





Zoomers are simply Baby Boomers with a zest for life and a strong sense of vitality. Born between 1946 and 1964?  Technically we’re boomers.  And maybe zoomers.

My beautiful picture



My Philosophy

Yoga can transform people. Yoga allows people to connect their body to their mind and then to their soul. Or not.  It’s completely up to the individual….Often the physical asana practice is enough to bring about significant change to one’s holistic health.

Yoga can mean something different to everyone. One aspect of my teaching is to knowledgeably guide the class in practice and assist in a deeper  understanding of Yoga.

With clear guidance and a positive class atmosphere, I believe that students will become lifelong yogis and yoginis.

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